Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cutting into the learning curve

Spent last Saturday with Steve Buckner.

It was only appropriate that the guy who got me hooked on spey would get me further hooked on steelheading.

Given all the tinkering I've been doing with different lines, flies, etc., it's no surprise (or is it?) that I only have one steelhead to show for it.

By enlisting Steve's help, my intent was to distill things into the basics.

Some things I learned that will see future application include:

(sorry if some of this is cryptic--it's the only way I'll be able to remember some of this stuff)

1) Floating lines can get the fly deep, too.
2) Study the flow of the water (the back of the legs thing)
3) Closer anchors
4) Crescent lift more often, especially in tight quarters
5) Orange
6) Keep the sun at their back
7) Keep pressure on the fish--8 lb Maxima is stronger than you think
8) Never give up

Combined, this list created a great steelheading day.

Though I lost both fish (we'll get to that), each hookup and subsequent fight felt more like a result of applied knowledge rather than just dumb luck. And in that regard, I really felt no loss.

I felt like "that was just steelheading."

Ironic, given my last experience with a steelie, huh?

Now about that fish-losing thing...

I think I may have that problem solved...

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Great outlines and good tips, Jon

Can't wait to read the whole story!
I think swing a water in a good manner is just as additive as other aspects of FF.