Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cast Development: Cackhanded Snap T

There's a particular spot that I've grown fond of lately.

It's a fairly long run stretching about 200 yards and is loaded with fishy-looking holes to swing through.

The problem is that it's river right--not my strongest side, but I'm working on it.

Over my past few outings, I've concluded that the reverse Snap T is the most efficient cast to use in my current repertoire of tools. It allows me to position the anchor more in line with the target and delivers the fly at the best angle to get it fishing the quickest.

That is, it does these things when I do my part correctly. :)

So during my last trip out, Don shot a quick video of me practicing. It's not the highest quality, but if you study the last half, you should see the loops.

In this instance, I'm using a head (specifically, a RIO AFS 4/5), but I'm also working on it with the Delta. With any luck, the translation to the longer line will work itself out.

I'll try to post a clip of that for comparison.

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