Monday, June 23, 2008

What's all this about?

That's a good question.

I'm actually not sure.

I could stick with the obvious and just say it's about summer steelhead but that wouldn't be a fair description of what I'm hoping to do here.

I can say that the idea for this blog originates from a humid, late summer morning last September. On that day, I enjoyed a glimpse of what draws anglers to steelhead.

Up to that point I hadn't given steelheading much of a chance--I was perfectly content with my single handers. The choice between a dozen resident coho or the possibility of hooking a steelhead was an easy one to make.

Ignorance can be kind like that.

For some reason, I broke from my habits. Maybe I had heard enough stories, maybe I just needed something new to do.

Either way, the urge took hold and I threw myself into it. I recognized the risk for making such a commitment--the beaches were fishing fairly well and trout fishing east of the mountains was starting to peak.

But it's just like a friend of mine used to say:

"No risk, no reward."

Of all the words I've used to describe the experience, the one that comes to mind in how I'd relate it to this blog is clarity.

Though brief, what little clarity I experienced I wanted more of.

Any mediocre chance to steelhead suddenly overtook a good chance to hit a beach.

The Sky, the Snoqualmie, the Methow and the Deschutes replaced the Sound in importance and even when I did hit the salt, I did so more often with a two hander.

Addiction. Obsession. Call it what you want--steelheading had bitten me and there was no going back. I couldn't wait for the next season.

I know, "Why wait for next season?"

Simple--I tried fishing a river in the bitter cold. It sucked.

There, I said it.

I'm a tropical kid, after all.

With the summer solstice just a few days past, it's officially summer.

And there are steelhead to be had.

So back to the original question: what's this all about?

Let's find out.

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